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Name: Aaron Jubbal Email:
Skills: Python scripting, Server configuration URL:
Work: Student Joined: 3/2010

Name: Adam Getchell Email: acgetchell@ucdavis.eMAPSdu
Skills: C#, OpenBSD URL:
Work: Joined: 2/2001

Name: Adam Yergovich Email:
Skills: Microcontrollers URL:
Work: Engineer Joined: 12/2005

Name: Adam Morris Email:
Skills: Medical robotics URL:
Work: Programmer Joined: 7/2003

Name: Ajay Tallam Email:
Skills: Pascal, C/C++, Junkbuster, OS/2 URL:
Work: Joined: 1/1999

Name: Al Lenaburg Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 6/2009

Name: Alan Bodenhorn Email:
Skills: Fortran, Pascal, PLI, BASIC, International relations URL:
Work: Joined: 5/2003

Name: Alan Miller Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 9/1999

Name: Alex Mandel Email: tech_dev@wildintellect.coMAPSm
Skills: GIS, photography, PDAs, GPS URL:
Work: Grad student Joined: 8/2006

Name: Alex Godbout Email:
Skills: Bioinformatics URL:
Work: Student Joined: 1/2015

Name: Alexandra Thorn Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Grad student: Agronomy and Range sciences Joined: 10/2001

Name: Alicia Kelley Email:
Skills: Project Management, Voice Recognition research, Spoken Dialogue systems URL:
Work: UC Davis - PBG Management Joined: 3/2002

Name: Allan Hollander Email:
Skills: Python, GIS, Tex URL:
Work: Joined: 3/1999

Name: Alvin Remmers Email:
Skills: Internetworking URL:
Work: Student Joined: 1/2000

Name: Alvin C. Eshe Email: ACEGreenhouse@comcast.neMAPSt
Skills: URL:
Work: Civil Engineer Joined: 9/2004

Name: Amul Purohit Email:
Skills: Business models URL:
Work: Agricultural consultant Joined: 9/2002

Name: Andrew Smith Email:
Skills: Linux URL:
Work: Student Joined: 8/2002

Name: Andrew Stein Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 5/1999

Name: Andy Campbell Email:
Skills: RT-Linux, Control systems URL:
Work: Research assistant, Student Joined: 8/2002

Name: Andy Jones Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Radio personality Joined: 7/2003

Name: Anna Leslie Email:
Skills: Programming, data analysis, AI algos URL:
Work: Medical Informatics Joined: 10/2001

Name: Anthony Serna Email: aserna3@gmail.MAPScom
Skills: Networking URL:
Work: Student Joined: 9/2009

Name: Arlo White Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 2/2002

Name: Ashleigh Smythe Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Grad student Joined: 9/2003

Name: Ashley Keating Email:
Skills: Hardware/Software URL:
Work: Sys.Engineer/Sys.Admin Joined: 3/2002

Name: Asok Datla Email:
Skills: Unix URL:
Work: Software developer Joined: 12/2003

Name: Austin de Coup-Crank Email: austindcc@gmail.MAPScom
Skills: Windows, Linux, Mac URL:
Work: Sysadmin Joined: 7/2013

Name: Bart Jennings Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Software engineer Joined: 5/2010

Name: Ben Pickett Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 2/2001

Name: Bill Broadley Email:
Skills: Java, Clusters URL:
Work: UC Davis Computational Science and Engineering Dept. Joined: 1/1999

Name: Bill Wells Email:
Skills: - URL:
Work: USAF Retired Joined: 9/2002

Name: Bill Horn Email: bibliophile2@hotmail.coMAPSm
Skills: Data acquisiton URL:
Work: Nutritionist Joined: 5/2003

Name: Bill Kendrick Email:
Skills: C, game programming, web dev, MySQL URL:
Work: CTO, Smashwords, Inc. Joined: 1/1999

Name: Billy Vitro Email: bvitro@gmail.cMAPSom
Skills: MySQL, Clusters, EDA Tools URL:
Work: Engineer Joined: 7/2011

Name: Bingyan Zhao Email:
Skills: Software development, C/C++, Linux/NT/Win98 URL:
Work: Post-doctorate researcher Joined: 9/2000

Name: Bob George Email:
Skills: Networking and web development URL:
Work: Joined: 5/2000

Name: Bobby Mummon Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 9/2001

Name: Brad Benedict Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 3/2001

Name: Brad Giles Email:
Skills: Oracle on Linux URL:
Work: Consultant Joined: 10/2001

Name: Brandon Bremen Email:
Skills: PHP, Java, DotGNU URL:
Work: Student Joined: 1/2003

Name: Brennen Reynolds Email:
Skills: Computer and Network Security URL:
Work: Computer Security Analyst Joined: 2/1999

Name: Brent Sanders Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 5/1999

Name: Brett Person Email:
Skills: Linux Kernel URL:
Work: System programmer Joined: 8/2001

Name: Brian Gorecki Email:
Skills: Defence and government URL:
Work: Software engineer, network ops, security Joined: 9/2016

Name: Brian Lavender Email:
Skills: PERL URL:
Work: Joined: 5/1999

Name: Brian Yates Email:
Skills: CCNA certified, A+ certified, Unix scripting URL:
Work: Joined: 12/2003

Name: Brian Higgins Email:
Skills: Computational Science, Fluid Mechanics URL:
Work: Professor Joined: 3/2000

Name: Bryan Richter Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 3/2004

Name: Byron Roberts Email:
Skills: Genetics URL:
Work: Postgraduate researcher Joined: 11/2003

Name: C. Damany Imara Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 10/2002

Name: Carl Yates Email:
Skills: Computer, Chess, Education URL:
Work: Joined: 6/2000

Name: Carl McCabe Email:
Skills: Win/Mac/Linux/FreeBSD, perl, MySQL, etc. URL:
Work: Student Joined: 9/2004

Name: Carl Lischeske Email:
Skills: C/C++ programming, CGI in C URL:
Work: Student Joined: 11/1999

Name: Carl McMillin Email:
Skills: Windows, hardware design, ASM-to-OOD URL:
Work: Software engineer Joined: 6/2002

Name: Carol Lorenger Email: clorenger@hotmail.cMAPSom
Skills: - URL:
Work: Data Architecht Joined: 7/2002

Name: Casey Bralla Email:
Skills: Linux, Hardware, TCP/IP URL:
Work: Engineer Joined: 11/2001

Name: Charles Ritchie Email:
Skills: Info. systems project mgt., Linux for business use URL:
Work: Project management consultant Joined: 11/1999

Name: Charles Shattuck Email: charley@forth.orMAPSg
Skills: Forth URL:
Work: Embedded Systems Programmer Joined: 9/2002

Name: Charles McLaughlin Email:
Skills: Web Development URL:
Work: SysAdmin Joined: 11/2002

Name: Charlie Krauter Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Programmer Joined: 6/2000

Name: Cheuk Wong Email:
Skills: Math URL:
Work: Student Joined: 7/2002

Name: Chris Jenks Email:
Skills: Perl URL:
Work: Open Source Programmer Joined: 12/2003

Name: Chris Burkes Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: network support Joined: 6/2004

Name: Chris Gliever Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Bio Ag Engr Dept Researcher Joined: 6/2006

Name: Chris Horsting Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 5/2003

Name: Chris Lupo Email:
Skills: Compiler optimization, Code generation URL:
Work: Grad Student Joined: 1/2000

Name: Chris Evans Email:
Skills: C, assembly URL:
Work: Webhost manager Joined: 12/2012

Name: Chris Mercer Email:
Skills: Network infrastructure URL:
Work: Professor Joined: 2/2016

Name: Chris Miller Email: cjm@tryx.oMAPSrg
Skills: URL:
Work: Joined: 2/2014

Name: Chris Wee Email:
Skills: Information security URL:
Work: Info. security consultant Joined: 10/2001

Name: Chris Katscher Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Technician Joined: 7/2002

Name: Christine Scobee Email:
Skills: Layout/design URL:
Work: Joined: 10/1999

Name: Christopher Mendoza Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Desktop support Joined: 6/2016

Name: Christopher McKenzie Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 1/2002

Name: Chuck Polisher Email:
Skills: Simulation, game development, networking URL:
Work: Programmer Joined: 6/2000

Name: Clinton Rogers Email:
Skills: Music composition, game programming URL:
Work: Student Joined: 1/2009

Name: Clyde Reed Email:
Skills: Oracle, SQL URL:
Work: Oracle Developer Joined: 3/2000

Name: Cordell Newmiller Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Student Joined: 5/2002

Name: Corey Hamma Email:
Skills: VMWare, RedHat, Sendmail, MySQL, PostgrSQL, Perl URL:
Work: IT Director Joined: 12/2009

Name: Corey Hines Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Network engineering, system administration Joined: 11/2002

Name: Craig Wilson Email:
Skills: Barcode scanners URL:
Work: Teacher, librarian Joined: 2/2011

Name: Craig Thurmond Email:
Skills: Open Source URL:
Work: Systems integrator Joined: 1/2003

Name: Curtis Duray Email:
Skills: URL:
Work: Litigation Support Analyst Joined: 5/2001


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