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Subject: [sf-lug] DevOps/Sysadmin
 Linux/virtual/cloud/scalability/reliability contract / contract-to-hire
 Walnut Creek, CA
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DevOps/Sysadmin Linux/virtual/cloud/scalability/reliability

contract / contract-to-hire                Walnut Creek, CA

salary range: [legal minimums,positive infinity)

Position focused on Linux administration, virtualization/cloud,
scalability/deployment, testing/troubleshooting, and automation,
covering full life cycle from development to production.  Responsible
for systems administration, setting up and supporting hosts/instances,
load balancers, networks and related infrastructure.

Systems integration in support/development of communications
applications for mobile devices and related - especially
servers/network and associated infrastructure.  Position requires
significant interaction to identify, specify, negotiate, and deploy
software and hardware solutions, interface with internal teams to
understand customer experience, provisioning, security,
monitoring/alarming, capacity/demand trending, operational
administration and monitoring, and other requirements.

Performance - testing/tuning, designing environment,
investigate/troubleshoot/fix site performance issues.  Provide
performance guidelines to developers.
Authors and verifies detailed deployment/implementation
instructions/documentation for production.

Required qualifications:

o Substantial experience with and strong knowledge of Linux operating
o Substantial experience as systems integrator / administrator
o Solid programming skills, e.g. able to write/maintain/debug at least
  moderately complex programs
o Significant cloud and/or virtual environment support/administration
o Solid troubleshooting and logical/analytical skills - demonstrated
  ability to drill down to isolate and determine cause of
  problems/issues and solve complex technical issues
o Good network skills - able to troubleshoot network issues in complex
  network environments, able to perform at least basic network
  design/configuration, firewalling, etc.
o Good understanding of security - including host, common
  programming/software issues, firewalls, network, and other common and
  practical areas of concern (physical, procedures and best practices,
  encryption, etc.)
o Solid interpersonal skills, good oral and written communications
  skills, and good presentation skills
o Education: BS Computer Science/Engineering or related or equivalent

preferred candidate will have skills/experience including:

o Strong scripting skills, in approximate preference order: Python,
  shell(/bash), Perl, Ruby, others
o Strong "cloud "/virtual environments experience, in approximate
  preference order: AWS, ESXi/VMware, OpenStack, others
o Large scale deployment/scalability experience
o Linux Docker/container experience
o Working knowledge of HTTP load generation software (e.g. LoadRunner,
  Silk Performer, JMeter, etc.)
o Load Balancer experience (AWS ELB, F5, A10, others)
o Experience configuring/maintaining/supporting high availability
  clustered/distributed systems, e.g. Oracle RAC, Veritas Cluster, etc.
o Experience with systems engineering and design relative to data
  communications, including specifying, designing and implementing
  complex large geographic data networks with application development
  and integration
o Strong knowledge/experience with multiple protocols, e.g.:
o NoSQL database technology experience (e.g.: MongoDB, Cassandra,
o Expert ability to identify performance issues within the J2EE
  architecture, Load balancers, Tomcat, Weblogic, Database, Operating
  system, Network, Software (Java) and Hardware
o Programming knowledge of C, Java, SQL
o Good knowledge of Linux operating system calls - particularly in
  troubleshooting, performance, and security contexts
o Excellent proven ability to partner with Architects, Developers,
  Systems Engineers and Database Administrators to collaboratively tune
  systems and analyze issues
o Java and SQL performance tuning experience
o Experience with memory leak tools and site monitoring tools
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
company policies and benefits: this is at least initially contract
position, so benefits, etc. would depend on entity contracted through;
as for policies, (eventual) employment, see:
send resume to: Michael Paoli <Michael.Paoli at VerizonWireless.com>

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