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Subject: System Administrator with Ning.com in Palo Alto, CA.
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The Operations team at Ning is responsible for rapidly scaling a system
composed of thousands of moving parts at exponentially increasing levels
of traffic. Our team is strategically building and evolving management
systems for a heterogeneous infrastructure that includes Solaris, Linux,
and some Windows servers. We are currently tasked with creating
deployment and management systems for our high availability, high growth
infrastructure as well as developing precise early warning monitoring
technologies that dynamically track anomalous behavior.

*	Design, build and operate systems run at scale for a rapidly
growing heterogeneous infrastructure.
*	 Provide datacenter expertise in managing and deploying high
availability multi-site infrastructure
*	Provide Linux and Solaris expertise for high volume production
*	Identify, resolve, and prevent existing and future system bottle
neck issues. 
*	Participate in 24/7 on call rotation 

Required Skills
* Minimum of 3 years experience building and managing "lights out"
datacenter infrastructure comprising 500+ servers/nodes
* Hands on experience administering and configuring UNIX servers with
3-5 years experience with Solaris, Linux, and server virtualization
(VMWare/Zones, etc)
* Knowledgeable of TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, SMTP, DHCP, SNMP, LDAP, and other
core protocols for systems administration
* Strong background in troubleshooting large scale, high volume services
with multiple dynamic components including web servers, SQL databases,
Java application servers, and LAMP environments 
* Experience in tools creation and application maintenance with strong
scripting skills in one or more languages: Bash, Python, Perl, Ruby 
* Strong documentation and communication skills

Desirable and preferred experience:
* Platform knowledge for equipment from: NetApp, 3Par, Cisco, Juniper,
F5, Sun Microsystems, Dell, Brocade
* In-depth, detailed knowledge of Solaris and Linux performance tuning
and kernel modification 
* Experience with automation frameworks such as Cfengine, Puppet,
Kickstart, Jumpstart
* Familiarity with routers, switches, hardware load balancers, and
firewalls beneficial 
* Experience with systems monitoring and management tools such as
Nagios, Zenoss, Cacti, Puppet and similar solutions 
* Understanding of storage fundamentals and experience with NFS, ZFS,
and SANs 
* Experience supporting Oracle and MySQL 

Yancy Rivera
Technical Recruiter
Office (650) 561-7135
Email yancy at ning.com 

Ning, Inc.
Create and discover Ning social networks for your interests and passions
at http://www.ning.com

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