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Katherine P Bretz kbretz at kbretz.com
Thu Jul 10 12:46:33 PDT 2008

Anyone who likes the open-source mission will love this position because
they will have enormous impact within the Linux community. 


The Linux Foundation (www.linux-foundation.org) is looking for a
well-rounded, technical ISV manager to champion the needs of ISVs targeting
the Linux platform. This person will have deep knowledge of application
development and the Linux platform and will be able to translate ISV needs
into products and programs through collaboration with the Linux Foundation
engineering team. Good communication and writing skills are a must as this
position is a hybrid of product management, relationship management and
support. The right person is versatile and has a passion for application
development and Linux. This is a unique, high visibility opportunity that
affords many network and high impact opportunities.


Responsibilities of this position include:


* Maintain relationships with tier 1 and 2 ISV development organizations to
promote the value of the LSB and the LSB tools (the SDK, SI, and Application


* Own the ISV experience at the Linux Foundation across all products and


* Gather requirements from ISVs and translate into products by collaborating
with the engineering department. This person owns developer product


* Work with the CTO and Chief Platform Architect to get input from Tier 1
ISV's directly, and connect Tier 1 ISV's with the engineering department to
provide direct support where necessary.


* Organize and run an ISV advisory council for Tier 1/2 ISV's and gather
input re: requirements for the LSB, LSB tools, and the LDN.


* Working with the CTO and Chief Platform Architect, establish a high-level
editorial agenda for the LSB channel of the Linux Developer Network. Work
with the LDN editor to write new content and answer questions pertaining to
the LSB on the LDN. Be the technical resource for articles for the LDN for
checking and accuracy.


* Developing a program, with content and tools, that will help ISVs target
Linux via the LSB and other Linux Foundation products.


Optimal knowledge for this position includes: C++, Linux distributions and
writing applications for them, The GNU toolsets.


The person holding this position will be evaluated along the following

1. How many ISVs are certifying are deriving value from the LSB? How do we
measure this impact?

2. ISV participation in various Linux Foundation products: the Linux
Developer Network, ISV conferences, CollaborationSummit, LSB workgroup.

3. What new products have they developed and how are those tools being used
by ISVs. .

4. What experience does the ISV have certifying or getting support from
Linux Foundation staff. This person is responsible for the ISVs overall
experience with the Linux Foundation.



Katherine Bretz

650 213 8300


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