[vox-jobs] Linux Teachers Wanted!

Karstyn McCoy vox-jobs@lists.lugod.org
Tue, 27 Jan 2004 18:10:23 -0800 (PST)

Linux Teachers Wanted!
Horizon Instructional Systems is looking for qualified candidates to teach
Linux related courses. These could be on any relevant topic that you feel
students, anywhere between K-12, would be interested in and you are
qualified to teach.
Horizon is mainly a home based public charter school but we do offer some
site based courses at 5 different locations through out this area, Elk
Grove, Auburn, Grass Valley, Roseville and Placerville. All of these sites
have small computer labs (5-12 systems) that would be used for the
These courses would start next school year in either the fall or spring.
We would use the remainder of this year to gather info on what type of
courses would have student support.
My first thought would be to use Knoppix or Mepis or a similar CD based
distro so as not to interfere with current systems, but this is open to
discussion. There could also be the opportunity to setup some LTSP
Any one interested in this opportunity please contact me directly and
include what type of course(s) you would like to teach.
Evangelism encouraged!

-- Karstyn McCoy
   IT Director
   Horizon Instructional Systems
   A California K-12 Charter School