[vox-jobs] Cray Supercomputer Linux Engineer - Seattle

Edward Elliott vox-jobs@lists.lugod.org
Mon, 26 Jan 2004 22:39:00 -0800

Happened to see this and thought what the heck, it's not California, 
but let's post it anyway.  Ed


Linux Engineer  
Job Type:          Full-Time  
Location:          Seattle, WA  
Last Updated:          01/09/2004  

Job Description: 

This position will be responsible for a key product within development at Cray. The primary responsibilities will include administration of all equipment and peripherals related to this product within the Cray Computer Center. It will also include administration of the product's lab equipment. 

- Assist the I/S Cray Administration team in developing the product to meet the standards of Cray customers. 
- Working closely with Cray Benchmarking to perform benchmarks within Cray standards 
- Manage existing and new equipment in lab space to support Hardware and Software Development teams 
- Work closely with Hardware and Software Development teams to ensure the success of the product 
- Interface with all I/S teams to support the infrastructure of the Cray and the Cray Computer Center. 

- 3+ years experience as a UNIX/Linux system administrator in a complex engineering environment 
- Experience with automated installation programs such as kick start and autoyast. 
- Experience with automated installation programs and configuration management systems. 
- Cluster knowledge/experience preferred. (Myrinet experience helpful) 
- Working knowledge DNS and DHCP server administration 
- Working knowledge of Network Administration 
- Configuration Management (cfengine) experience a plus 
- Some programming support of Linux machines/clusters is desirable 
- Strong teamwork skills 
- Good communication and interpersonal skills. 
- Exceptional analytical and problem solving skills 

- BS in Computer Science or equivalent. 

- Some travel, after hours and on-call required.