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Script Kiddies.....................need not apply.

I have a client in the midwest that is searching for what is becoming a
rare breed.  They need a  real White Hat with actual
hands-on-the-keyboard skills to perform risk assessments on a variety of
services and solutions that make up the company's security
infrastructure.  This is a position that has been posted before by myself
and other recruiters.  However, a reputable source (someone that I placed
with the client) has given me the inside scoop on why the position is
still open and what they are really looking for.

So -   if you are technically strong, highly professional and are
exceptional talented at breaking enterprise security solutions I'd like
to talk with you.  The team you'll be a part of is exceptionally good.
This is not some "security for compliance sake" corporate job.  It's a
serious security engineering gig with the mandate and the resources to
make it fun, but with all the benefits of working for a real company.

If you're interested, please contact me via email with contact
information, availability, and a resume in Word.

Thanks for your interest,


Jeff Combs	
Alta Associates, Inc.
908-806-8443 fax
visit us at www.altaassociates.com
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