[vox-if] Distro Availability

Chris Horsting sac85672 at csus.edu
Sat Jan 15 13:38:31 PST 2005

Robert G. Scofield wrote:

>I wondered if you folks wanted me to bring the distros I have to the 
>Installfest.  I've got the complete box set of SuSE 9.2 Professional.  That 
>includes 2 DVD's and 5 CD's.  I've got a complete set of SuSE 9.0 Personal 
>edition.  I might have some Mandrake around here, but I think LUGOD has 
>Mandrake.  And Hans Uhlig gave me a packet with the Ubuntu live CD and a 
>single installation CD.  (I wouldn't mind giving the Ubuntu away.)
>Also I was wondering if I could borrow a distro when the installfest is over.  
>If you have a Sarge install CD, I'd like to borrow it.  My Sarge net install 
>is not going well.  I've got to add everything to the Debian base.  There's 
>too much I can't configure.  I've got no printing, and no sound.  KDE 3.3 is 
>very buggy and ustable in Debian Sarge while it works flawlessly on my SuSE 
>I was hoping that a regular Sarge install CD would do most of the configuring.  
>If not, then I don't need to borrow it.  But I don't know what Debian release 
>you use at the Installfest.
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>vox-if at lists.lugod.org
You mentioned Ubunto and I want to know your opinion on this 
distribution.  How would you compare it to Red hat?  Also, my modem does 
not work with my current linux because the script for does not interact 
well with it. Currently I use xandros. It is a lot like window, but is 
it seems not behave like linux. 

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