[vox-if] Potential multi-computer RSVP for school

Bill Kendrick vox-if@lists.lugod.org
Fri, 14 Nov 2003 13:42:41 -0800

A fellow wrote in to Rusty:

  I am currently trying to put together several computers for my
  children's school.  I want to network them all together.  As I aquire
  components I have been looking at an operating system to install. The
  safe method would be to install MS but the cost is prohibitive and I
  just don't like it in general. I am familiar with linux but have never
  installed it. I need to find a linux version  that will be low
  maintenance and have a good amount of education oriented applications.
  Furthermore, since I have never installed it I would need some serious
  help there.  Could you recommend a linux version to use?  Also, when I
  get these systems together, if I bring all the equipment to an
  installfest could I arrange with you or someone else to help me
  configure the whole setup?

Rusty fwd'd that to vox-officers.  I responded by pointing out the K12LTSP
thin-client project:


I also suggested we discuss on vox-if or vox-tech.  So, I'm posting here.
I know Henry House has done thin client stuff, but not sure if he ever
gets out to Installfests.  I'm INTERESTED, but have no experience
(and don't have time to go to this Sunday's IF)

Any other comments/suggestions?

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