Linux Users' Group of Davis - ""GNU Wget" Presentation, November 15, 2010"

"GNU Wget" Presentation

Micah Cowan
Linux Users' Group of Davis
November 15, 2010

(Mirror of from November 17, 2010)

I've made the slides available from my Wget talk here in PDF form. You can also get the OpenOffice "Impress" file here, but note that it uses non-standard/non-free fonts, so most likely won't display properly for you.

As part of my talk, I also used some recorded terminal sessions demonstrating wget usage, including prompts to wait for keypresses. I created these sessions using GNU Teseq (a project I wrote for debugging terminal sessions); but the sessions were then edited by hand and played using a specially-modified version of the reseq program (part of the Teseq project); those changes have not yet been pushed to the development sources. When I have time, I'll push the final changes to the official development sources at, and then make the automated terminal demos available as well.

Please note that full documentation on wget can be had at


Editor's note: Yes, I used 'wget' to grab copies of Micah's presentation ;^)

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