[vox] OT: grass fires

Paul paulb at claypits.com
Sun Sep 5 00:46:19 PDT 2004

Rob Rogers wrote:
> I've got a nice fireproof safe that I try (try being the key word) to
> put my backups into. It's just a small document safe, just barely larger
> than an 8.5x11 paper and maybe 4 inches deep. Add on an inch or two on
> each side for insulation, and it's really not all that big. They only
> cost around $30-40 IIRC.
My understanding is that "fireproof" safes are designed only to keep 
paper documents safe through an "average" fire and CDR/RW's (and 
probably tapes) would melt or at least be rendered unreadable in the 
same fire.


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