[vox-tech] starting xwindows

Gandalf Parker gandalf at any1can.net
Mon Mar 26 21:22:51 PDT 2007

On Mon, 26 Mar 2007, Rick Moen wrote:

> Quoting Gandalf Parker (gandalf at any1can.net):
>> OK that seemed to get the same result. An xwindow session, but no gnome
>> menus. Just the debian splash screen and a mouse cursor.
> Um, I'd really very strongly suspect that you're missing some key
> packages.  Maybe you're missing the intended window manager, for
> example (metacity, or whatever the frell they use, these days)?  I mean,
> /usb/bin/gnome-session doesn't do a lot of good if key parts of your
> intended GNOME stuff just ain't there.

It worked when the server was setup. It was installed and it worked. But I 
cut the routine that made me boot directly into gnome. So unless I 
uninstalled something Im pretty sure that its all still there.

I could try and remember years ago when I made that change and undo it. 
But I dont want to boot into gnome. I prefer my servers without gui 
overload (if I did then Id might as well use windows).

>> But thanks for a new thing to try.
> Well, it was much more intended as a pointer to get you going in the
> right direction, rather than as just a "thing to try".  You might, as
> further motion in that correct direction, attempt to start your GNOME
> thingies, and then Ctrl-Alt-F2 and look through the process table, to
> see what specifically started, and what didn't.

I did that. Other than not finding a couple of fonts it seemed happy. I 
suppose I could hunt down those lines and fix it but I doubted that it was 
stopping the menus from coming up.

> I'm not a GNOME fan, so personally I regard absence of a huge cluster of
> GNOME service processes as a _good_ thing, but of course Views Differ<tm>.

Im with you. I think everything has its pros and cons. Linux for servers, 
Windows for desktops, and Mac for laptops. But as you say, views differ.

Gandalf  Parker

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