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Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Thu Feb 12 16:52:43 PST 2015

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                      Contract Linux Systems Administrator

   We are seeking a seasoned Linux Systems Administrator to assist us with
   approximately 20 total hours of contract work in the following areas:

     * set up a 1u Linux server to our specifications that we can colocate
       with our existing ISP,

     * develop an operational management process for the above server,

     * design a scalable process for Linux based device encryption,

     * provide input on selection of a kiosk browser front end,

     * set up encrypted device backup for remote devices,

     * define policies and procedures for file and system security, and

     * create various cron jobs, including managing updates of remote

   We are willing to speak with individuals who can assist with only some of
   the needs listed above. Our geographic preference is someone from the
   Sacramento region, but we will consider other parts of California, or the
   country. We are prepared to pay your standard contract rates, which we
   expect will be commensurate with your prior experience. Please contact us
   at (530) 671-9244 or business at clinicalinformatics.com to discuss details.

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