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Out of state, but passing it along, nonetheless...

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I guess it would help if I attached my contact info to the posting

Jackie Piemonte
TechEdge Consulting
201-643-2312 (fax)

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Can you please post this job for my client, a software development company
In Jersey City, NJ.  There are multiple openings for this postion.  Thank
You so much! Jackie 
Jackie Piemonte
TechEdge Consulting
201-643-2312 (fax)

Senior OS Developer, Jersey City, NJ (office walking distance from train
We are seeking a Senior OS Software Developer, to work closely with others
to design and develop operating system specific platform components that
comprise the foundation of the product and enable multi-platform support.
You will work on all aspects of the design from customer requirements and
architecture through to implementation and testing. You will have a hands-on
role in translating product concepts directly into market winning solutions.
Specific Requirements Include:
As a member of the development team you will have many roles, including
developing, enhancing and supporting both UNIX and Linux kernel and user
mode components of the product. This is the ideal opportunity for someone
with both an interest and a proven track record in operating system and
kernel level development.
.	Design architecturally sound software that fully meets design
.	Perform sufficient unit and system testing to ensure delivery of
quality software.
.	Optimize code for performance in enterprise operating environments.
.	Maintain proper documentation and use software development
methodologies to ensure that products are developed to the highest
.	Translate concepts into preliminary design approaches and follow
through to complete implementation.
.	Proactively identify opportunities to improve product releases with
respect to quality, ease of use and time to market.
.	Experience in developing and delivering UNIX/Linux products.
.	Experience in kernel level programming.
.	Extensive knowledge of kernel internals, networking and assembly
language programming.
.	Working knowledge of UNIX variants (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, etc.)
.	Experience in developing and delivering enterprise software
.	Significant development experience with C and C++.
.	Excellent debugging, analysis and code development skills.
.	Knowledgeable in all aspects of the software life cycle from
definition, requirements analysis and design to implementation, validation
and support.
.	Demonstrated ability to problem-solve and troubleshoot.
.	Team player with excellent inter-personal and communication skills;
able to influence at multiple organization levels.
.	A Bachelor's Degree or higher in Software Engineering or Computer
If interested please send a Word copy of your resume to :
Jackie at techedgeconsulting.com


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