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Google is growing! We need world-class software engineers to help us
one of the world's largest and most impressive Linux cluster
You will have a chance to work on the unique challenges involved in
the system infrastructure that powers our Web search engine, as well as
many other services. 

Software Engineer, Compilers 

This position is available in Mountain View, CA
(Relocation assistance will be provided if needed.)

Google's Platforms Group is looking for experienced compiler engineers
join several of our efforts towards building the world's most effective
computing platform. We are particularly interested in individuals who
at compiler design and implementation.  The ideal candidates will be
able to
help us improve the Gnu toolchain (gcc / glibc / binutils) in one or
both of
two ways: 
1. Improve overall performance of our code base by analyzing performance
bottlenecks, then designing and implementing changes to the tool chain
would relieve those bottlenecks. Possible projects include improving
inter-procedural, in-lining, profile-driven, post-link, or whole-program
2. Improve overall productivity of our programmers by identifying
programming errors that could have been detected by static analysis,
designing and implementing changes to the tool chain that would catch
errors as early as possible 
Demonstrable experience in at least one of the following areas: 
. Compiler design and code optimization
. Performance debugging and optimization of large C++ applications 
. Static code analysis 


. Knowledge of Gnu C/C++ internals and standard library implementations
. Deep understanding of computer architecture
. Familiarity with x86 and x86_64 assembly and Linux internals 
. Design of performance tools


For consideration, email cinde at google.com with a formatted attachment of
your resume.  

Why Google?




Google is an Equal Employment Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer 

Cinde Lucas
Engineering Recruiter, Platforms - Systems Software
cinde at google.com | www.google.com/jobs |
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