[vox-jobs] Linux position (Senior Software Engineer, Software Developer)

gayatri at iitiantech.com gayatri at iitiantech.com
Thu Dec 21 17:09:31 PST 2006

    Here is a position we have in the California Bay area.
Configure / Performance testing
C - Register programming
Power PC 440
Linux Drivers 2.6 / Denx
PCI and/or PCI Express and/or Ethernet and/or USB 2.0
Senior Software Engineer - Software Developer

Location: Sunnyvale, CA 
Job Description:
Design, implement and performance testing of drivers and software for Linux
operating system and PowerPC 440 platforms. Utilize your experience in embedded
operating systems and hardware fundamentals to support development of next
generation solutions. 
Requirements:	5+ years of experience in developing low-level device drivers for
Linux-based embedded applications. 
	Detailed knowledge of operating system internals, C/C++ language, as well as
various driver models.
	Must be able to work closely with hardware designers as well as other driver
engineers to design, develop, and debug functional and performance aspects of
mobile handset subsystems.
	Requires low-level operating system knowledge, specifically memory/resource
management, scheduling and process control, and hardware virtualization.
	Experience with complex system debugging is invaluable.
Education Requirements:
BS Computer Science/Electrical Engineering
MS in Computer Science is desirable 

Thank you.

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