[vox-jobs] Need a Support Guy / Linux Ninja.

Don Werve dwerve at iradeon.com
Thu Jun 2 16:57:48 PDT 2005

iRadeon, an open-source startup out in Roseville, is looking for a
systems support guy who has a decent amount of Linux experience to work
full-time at our Roseville office.  As we're a startup, this is going to
be a jack-of-all-trades type of position, focusing on customer support
and product QA, with some system administration dutues (restoring from
backups, helping with app deployment, etc.)  And, hey, you're getting
paid to play with Linux.

So, about us:

We provide OSS application hosting for a variety of web-based
applications, each running in their own virtual environment (think
something similar to User-Mode Linux or Linux Virtual Servers) to
companies that otherwise couldn't deploy an open-source solution, as
they don't have the resources to have a dedicated Computer Guy in-house
to run things.  Our primary systems are divided between Debian (my
preference) and RedHat/Fedora Core (what our virtualization product runs
on), and we are big on the use of open source tools.

We're looking for an individual who has two to three years of Linux
experience in a hobbyist and/or production environment, but who has
solid tech-support and customer-relations skills.  Most of our support
is email-based, and phone support is pay-per-incident, so most of your
work will be online, dealing with customer issues via email and live
chat.  Troubleshooting will be mostly done via SSH, and will be mostly
at the level of resetting Apache passwords, poking through Apache and
application error logs, and the like; you won't need to worry about
reading stack traces unless you really want to.

Other important bullet-points for would-be applicants:

Experience with Perl is a BIG plus.  PHP is a (smaller) plus.

Experience with Apache, Fedora Core, RedHat, and Linux troubleshooting
are also all decently-sized plusses.

Experience with Microsoft SQL server doesn't even rate a square-root
sign, as we're a largely OSS shop.

A sense of humor is mandatory.

As this is a position with a high degree of customer interaction, good
English skills are also mandatory.

Perks of the position include working with Linux (hey, I see it as a
perk), paychecks that actually put money in your account when you cash
them, and  being within walking distance of a coffee shop that has not
only good coffee, but free Wi-Fi as well.

So, if this sounds like a position in which you would be interested, go
ahead and shoot me a copy of your resume by email.  We're looking at
interviewing people next week, and hiring as soon as possible, as
there's lots of work to go around, and only so many hours in the day.
Salary is dependent on a number of factors, but will be in the $38K -
$46K per year range.

Don Werve (Chief System Administrator) <dwerve at iradeon.com>

"Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it.  Action
has magic, grace and power in it." -- Goethe

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