[vox-jobs] Database programmer needed / Web programmer needed

John Marcotte john at biznerds.com
Wed Apr 13 10:13:05 PDT 2005

Job #1
I need a database programmer who can turn around a project very quickly.
The client is in the construction industry and wants a system to track
contracts, assign work-crews, manage inventory and calculate
profitability.The final product will need to integrate into a small
(<10) windows-based network. It can have its own server on the network.
The client wants this system implemented in under a month, so someone
with the ability to devote significant man-hours is needed.
I thought this looked like a good fit for a Linux-based stand-alone
system running on mySQL or PostgreSQL, deliverable over a Web browser
via HTTP and PHP -- but I am not a database guy. If you have another
brilliant idea, I
d love to hear it. They are very open to new ideas.
My normal database guy is on vacation and they want this done yesterday,
so I need someone who has done this sort of thing before, and can really
take charge of this project. E-mail me you resume today.
Job #2
I need someone who can implement a very simple web site feature for me:
mailing-list management.
Here's what is needed:
* A simple online form to subscribe/unsubscribe to a newsletter.
* Validation of the e-mail address
* Ability to send HTML e-mails
* Management of bounces/bad e-mails
Its that last one that seems to be the problem. UNIX/Linux geeks seem to
hate HTML and believe that the majority of the world is still using PINE
on a regular basis. This is not true. It is especially not true for some
of my clients.
If you can configure majordomo or mailman to do this for me on a
server-wide basis, great. If you have another package in mind or a
homebrew solution, that's fine, too. 
Send me your proposal and a resume.
Thanks for your time.

John Marcotte
Biznerds Consultant Group


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