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Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2004 17:41:47 -0800
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Subject: LINUX System Operation Enginner

Posting for: Edusoft
Location: San Francisco, California

Details of Vacancy:

Respon.for maintaining high availability of all Linux-based servers in the
Dev., QA, and production environ to include sys admin, dev.of scripts and
tools to automate ops procedures,  support and dev.and maintain ops
process docs.
Job Qualifications
* Bachelor's degree or equivalent		  * 5 years UNIX experience
* 3 years Linux System Administration experience
* Data center experience
* Dell Server administration utilities
* Red Hat Linux system administration experience
* Experience with Linux clustering and disk array technologies
* Administration of open source Internet services (Apache, Resin,
  PostgreSQL, NFS, BigBrother, LDAP, DNS, SSH, iptables, Snort)

Details of Company:

A profitable and growing company!  We are a web based educational
assessment tool that has a growing list of clients throught the US

Email address for job application/questions: beverly.martin@edusoft.com
URL of company: http://www.edusoft.com

Extra information:

Expected SAGE Level: III (Intermediate/Advanced)
The company is looking for: Permanent staff
The position is: a Permanent Position
The expected salary is 50-80k


Local candidates only.	NO CONTRACTS OR AGENCIES!

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