[vox-jobs] SAN Linux File System Architect, San Mateo

Bill Kendrick vox-jobs@lists.lugod.org
Sun, 21 Sep 2003 14:39:34 -0700

Last one I noticed today from Dice:


Title:     SAN Linux File System Architect 

Location:  San Mateo, CA

Pay rate:  Market

Length:    Perm

Job description:

  I'm looking for someone with Linux kernel knowledge and experience in
  filesystems, drivers, and memory management. The candidate should have
  knowledge of stoage area network (SAN) protocols and management.
  Experience with large scalable data center management applications is
  desired. Excellent C/C++ skills are required as well as good written
  and verbal skills. The position will be a senior member of a very high
  performance team that will extend the scope of a product to include
  additional architectures, optimization of server deployment, and enhance
  the feature set to improve process/state management & reporting, expand
  the capabillities of our software deployment paradigm, and further abstract
  the details of management tasks from the workflow design.

Contact for more information:

 Hall Kinion
 CA - San Mateo

 San Mateo, CA 94402

 E-mail: 1295026.5@jobfrenzy.com


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