[vox-jobs] Linux SW Engineering opportunities

Greg A Buechler vox-jobs@lists.lugod.org
Mon, 11 Aug 2003 12:28:45 -0700

I am conducting a confidential search for about 20 Software Engineers for a
project in Santa Clara. Due to confidentiality issues, I apologize for not
being able to fully disclose company and detailed project plans. Below are
the general parameters we seek. If you, or someone you know is interested,
please respond back with a resume and a brief note indicating how your
experience matched the specs below. I will respond to all qualified resumes
and I will get it to the hiring team.
Candidate Profile:
Desired candidates must possess the following:
* Server development, QA, architect and/or Linux Kernel background.
* Formal computer science (i.e. software) background
* Minimum bachelors degree in CS, ideally masters degree in CS.
Three types of programmers needed:
* Kernel developers - must have real knowledge and experience with
platform/device-independent aspects of the Linux kernel (Unix kernel
comparable experience would be second choice). People who have just munged a
device driver without personal injury are not sufficient.
* Linux distributed application programmers - people who have written Linux
daemons, done non-trivial socket programming, understand RPC, DNS, CP, UDP,
etc. at least at the level of using these protocols.
* Linux QA people - ideally familiarity with TCL, shell programming, Linux
configuration and one or more application domains, such as databases, email
programs, etc.

I am a retained search professional and will not disclose any information to
any other clients without your approval. Location - SF Bay Area. EOE.
Principals only please.

Greg Buechler
Professional, Technical & Executive Recruiting
925-648-9896 (o)
925-487-9739 (m)