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Date: Monday, April 07, 2003 07:29:48 AM -0700
From: The SAGE Web Server <www@sagecert.org>
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Subject: SysAdmin for High Traffic/Bandwidth Web Serving Environment

Posting for: DTI Services, Inc.
Location: Los Angeles, California

Details of Vacancy:

We are looking for a senior Linux SysAdmin with strong experience in
extremely high traffic, high bandwidth web serving and all the issues
involved (storage, growth planning, security, performance tuning, etc).

- Creation and upkeep of standardized engineering specifications,
documentation, policies and procedures

- Installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Linux servers

- Evaluation of hardware and software requirements for projects - Design
and continual audit of secure platforms


- Strong Linux administration professional experience (5+ years), multiple
distros a plus, Redhat 7.x a plus

- Strong experience working in a high bandwidth web hosting environment.
Managed hosting, working with hundreds or thousands of virtual hosts, and
developing highly available sites are all plusses.

- Perform Linux kernel tuning and optimization

- Creation and distribution of RPM packages across an Enterprise (strong
package management for BSD, Slackware, etc. is equivalent)

- Very strong web serving experience, including Apache and/or Zeus,
authentication, performance tuning, SSL, and load balancing (Foundry, F5,
Cisco, Alteon, etc.) - Advanced understanding of hardware (Intel),
including memory types, multiprocessor machines, network interface cards,
RAID and/or FiberChannel

- Experience with SAN / NAS technology, NFS, GFS, or similar solutions

- Use of security tools, including nmap, chkrootkit, tripwire, IDS
systems, and packet sniffers and generation libraries (ethereal, tcpdump,
libpcap, libnet, etc.)

- Monitoring with cricket, MRTG, Netsaint, Openview, Unicenter, etc. etc.

- Open source mail systems, including qmail, sendmail, postfix, etc.


- Fundamental understanding of IP addressing and subnet masks, TCP, UDP,

- Affinity for open source tools (save money, secure network, solve
problems, stay on the cutting edge, etc.)


- Some scripting skills (Perl, bash, csh, etc.) Perl preferred

- Sun Enterprise Hardware, Solaris 8 and 9

- Oracle 8i or 9i

- PostgreSQL and MySQL

- At least some knowledge of network hardware, including routers,
switches, firewalls, and network appliances (Cisco Routers, Cisco or
Foundry switches, and PIX firewalls)

Details of Company:

Medium-sized, privately held web hosting company is seeking a Senior
System Administrator / Engineer for a full-time position in downtown Los
Angeles, California. Candidate should have at least 3-5 years of
legitimate experience, preferably in the ASP / ISP / MSP or telecom

Network includes multiple island sites in Los Angeles, Europe, and Asia,
with more plans for expansion. Some very light travel may be involved.
Current aggregate Internet capacity is over 5 gigabits of throughput, with
DS3 being the smallest connection.

Extra information:

Expected SAGE Level: IV (Senior)
The company is looking for: Permanent staff
The position is: a Permanent Position
The expected salary is DOE


* We do not deal with any third party agencies.
* Consideration will only be given to candidates in the local (Los
Angeles)   area that can legally work.
* We will not sponsor visas.
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Ken Herron