[vox-if] Re: May Installfest on Sat the 19th

Christopher James McKenzie mckenzie at cs.ucdavis.edu
Mon May 21 12:55:53 PDT 2007

That's great to hear.  I had a suspicion that Ubuntu was capable of 
this, and I think I've heard of it being done, but I had not tried it 
myself so I intentionally omitted it from the list because I qualified 
the list with "easy" I think.  But your endorsement is good enough, 
thanks.  I'll see if I can find time to do it in the million things I 
have going on and so I can actually be an informed speaker next time it 
comes up. :-)


Bill Kendrick wrote:
> On Mon, May 21, 2007 at 12:33:41PM -0700, Christopher James McKenzie wrote:
>> It sounds like you have a network, which is good.  I can think of a few 
>> unix like systems out there that will allow you to do a network install 
>> if you can easily get out to the net.  THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDATION but 
>> simply a list of OS's that are currently active that I can think of 
>> offhand that have straight forward net installs.
> I installed Ubuntu Edgy on Melissa's Thinkpad X41 tablet PC
> (no internal CD drive, didn't come with an external one).  Setting it up
> was a cinche, FWIW.

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