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Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 13:33:26 -0700
From: Christopher James McKenzie <mckenzie at cs.ucdavis.edu>
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Most certainly - need to get the key in two hours...

nighthawk999 at bigvalley.net wrote:
> The Installfest tomorrow is at Kemper Hall
> UCD as usual?
> Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks.

Thanks Chris, Decided to struggle along on my own.
Got Slackware 11.0 installed on a computer with
a bad DVD drive. Used a USB travel drive to grab
bits at a time off a computer with a good DVD
drive -- tried to do a NFS install. The computers
would ping each other, edited the /etc/exports file,
followed instructions exactly to the best of my
ability but no joy. Got rpc.portmapper timeouts,
etc. etc. Bottom line, if you have to do an install
on a computer that won't read the media, how would 
you have done it? Since Slackware install is still
based on the old disk sets it is more forgiving
than some others. Don't think I would have tried
this with any other distro.

Thanks for any insights.
> Shorter

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