[vox-if] RE: IF Linux discs

Richard Burkhart richard at khanfusion.net
Sat Mar 31 08:04:39 PDT 2007

Alex Mandel wrote:
> Apologies if this doesn't thread properly, apparently I got 
> unsubscribed  at some point.
> You don't need partition magic to do NTFS, the latest Knoppix discs 
> work fine for that. I've heard GParted LiveCD is even better too 
> (Burning 1 right now)
But will they squeeze an existing NTFS partition (with existing OS) to a 
smaller size, so you can reformat the remaining space as ext3 and 

If Knoppix/Gparted/others can do that now -- dang, I could have stayed 
home and slept in. :-)

See everyone at the IF.

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