[vox-if] IF Linux discs

Christopher James McKenzie mckenzie at cs.ucdavis.edu
Fri Mar 30 12:11:39 PDT 2007

Replies below:

Bob Scofield wrote:
> 1)  Kubuntu (CD-RW), which I have to bring since I'm one of the installees.  
> This is what I want on my laptop.

I forgot their was an Ubuntu split...thanks I'll add that.

> 2)  Debian Testing Net-install March 3, 2007 daily build (CD-R)-  

I confess to my debian ignorance. Here are my primary goals to 
accomplish for an installee:
. get all the hardware functional
. make the computer run fast by disabling things a user expresses no 
interest in
. make sure the user knows the resources to find out how to do things on 
their own
. see them leave in a reasonable time.

If you think that Debian Testing fits these constraints then go for it. 
  I really don't know.

> 3)  Open SuSE 10.2 netinstall (CD-RW). 
Net install should be fine - sounds great.

> I love SuSE, but after using Debian for a couple of years I was somewhat 
> offended by the relatively long licensing agreement.  The SuSE netinstall is 
> trickier than the Debian net install because you need both an IP address and 
> the path to the repository.  But I've got both, and will bring them.
Thanks for bringing them.  Most of the people that come to these 
installfests are one or more of the following:
. trying to save on getting a computer working for some family member
. trying to get a second computer up and running
. are fed up with microsoft whatever
. need linux as a requirement for something else they are doing.

After a short (2 minute) interview, I try to assess what the user wants. 
  In response to that, I try to recommended distros and software on an 
objective basis and try to detach any bias I have.  It's not easy, but I 
think but I think it's the right thing to do.

Thanks for pitching in, it's really appreciated.


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