[vox-if] March Installfest?

Bob Scofield scofield at omsoft.com
Sun Mar 4 21:43:22 PST 2007

I know things didn't work out for a February Installfest.  But I hope we have 
one in March, because I know someone who needs help.  Me.  I can't get my new 
laptop partitioned the way I want it to.  And I'm also worried about getting 
the wireless going even though I haven an Atheros card.

In the past I've volunteered as a lackey to help people sign in, and help 
carry their equipment, etc.  If there's a March installfest, I'll RSVP as a 
customer, and volunteer as a lackey.  (And if there is no March Installfest, 
then I'll do it in April.)


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