[vox-if] Re: [LUGOD Installfest] RSVP question

Christopher James McKenzie mckenzie at cs.ucdavis.edu
Thu Feb 1 17:27:37 PST 2007

Hi Fred,

I hope you don't mind me CCing the LUGOD Installfest list and our 
webmaster, Bill Kendrick on this one.

Firstly, the installfest date and time should become official today to 
be on Sunday, February 18th, 2007 between 10 AM and 6 PM. (BILL: Can you 
update the page?)

About the Laptop
It sounds like a very basic install and one you can execute yourself. 
Under these constraints, unless something very odd happens, the 
installee usually commands between 80-100% of the install independently. 
  However, there are often installation questions that require 
understanding of concepts that will be novel for someone new to Linux. 
If this is case, and you choose to do the install before the installfest 
feel free to call me at 530 297 5078 between the hours of about 8 pm and 
midnight during the week.  Otherwise, once a system is installed, 
navigating around the system, and making sure that you the user, knows 
where everything is, is the part where the most time can be saved with 
the help of an installer.  I hope this helps.  Thanks


Fred Ransdell wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> This particular laptop is going to be used for web surfing, checking emails
> and word processing for the kids.  I bought it in 1999 with windows 98,
> which crashed a lot.  So a computer consultant loaded Windows 2000.  It's
> running pretty slowly and is probably over run with spy ware, so we don't
> use it.  I figured this was the perfect time to start fresh, and learn about
> Linux.  My plan is currently, to reformat the hard drive and just load
> Linux.  So should I do that before the meeting, or wait?
> BTW, could you confirm the date, place, and time?
> Thanks!
> Regards,
> Fred
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> Hi Fred,
> Firstly, Fedora Core 6 is out.  Secondly, did your friend tell you why 
> he recommended Fedora Core 5?  I try to make recommendations based on 
> the persons needs as opposed to what I personally favor so I don't 
> really know if Fedora Core is best suited for your application. 
> Furthermore, from your RSVP it appears that you are planning on keeping 
> Windows on the computer.  In this case, "reformatting" the hard drive 
> for Linux requires some fairly obscure steps that at times even confuses 
> me (although there may be recently developed simpler ways to do things 
> that I have not heard about).  I hope this information will help you in 
> making your decision.  Thanks!
> ~chris.
> Fred Ransdell wrote:
>> Hi Chris,
>> Just one computer.  I still had the webpage up, and couldn't remember if
> I'd
>> hit the RSVP button, so I pushed it again.  BTW, I have a friend who has
> the
>> same model laptop, and he recommends Fedora Core 5.  He said I could
> borrow
>> his installation disk.  Should I go ahead and reformat the hard drive, or
>> wait until the installfest? 
>> Regards
>> Fred
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>> Subject: [LUGOD Installfest] RSVP question
>> Hi Fred,
>> I just received two RSVPs from you, one today and one yesterday.  I am 
>> wondering whether this means you plan on bringing two separate physical 
>> computers, or, if you RSVP'd two times for the same computers.  Thanks.
>> ~chris.

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