[vox-if] Distro Availability

Jonathan Stickel jjstickel at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 15 16:42:04 PST 2005

Chris Horsting wrote:
> You mentioned Ubunto and I want to know your opinion on this 
> distribution.  How would you compare it to Red hat?  Also, my modem
> does not work with my current linux because the script for does not
> interact well with it. Currently I use xandros. It is a lot like
> window, but is it seems not behave like linux. Thanks Chris

Xandros is very much a "prettified" linux, with its own system tools,
etc.  You will find many of the major distributions are like this, 
including Fedora.  Ubuntu is popular for how long its been available, 
which isn't very long.  However, I wasn't happy with it because of its 
Gnome focus.  KDE was a pain to install and looked ugly.  For you, I 
would recommend Fedora, which will be available at the installfest.

I think I remember trying to help you with your modem.  I'm afraid we 
may have the same troubles no matter what distribution we use, but I'll 
be able to troubleshoot a little better if we use a something I'm 
familiar with like Fedora.  Can you run the "/sbin/lspci" command and 
email me the ouput?


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