[vox-if] Volunteer Lackey

Jonathan Stickel jjstickel at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 13 16:01:07 PST 2005


Great!  In the last few IFs I've run, we have been rather short on help. 
  The installfest is Sat Jan 22 (not the 15).  I'll be crying for more 
help next week as I look over the RSVPS.


Robert G. Scofield wrote:
> I was thinking of volunteering at the next Installfest if you need a lackey.  
> I've done this in the past a few times.  Recently I've been getting a lot of 
> help from LUGOD Tech setting up my Debian system, and I wanted to pay LUGOD 
> back.
> If you don't need me that's great too.  I'm not absolutely sure I can make it, 
> but I might be able to.  I can help with things like helping to carry 
> people's computers in and out, etc.  I won't do anything technical unless 
> someone specifically requests that their system get blown.
> Bob
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