[vox-if] [Fwd: Installfest RSVP]

Jonathan Stickel jjstickel at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 17 21:57:43 PDT 2004

Mike Simons wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 16, 2004 at 10:17:54AM -0800, Jonathan Stickel wrote:
>>Here is another who already has Linux installed and wants configuration 
>>help.  This seems to be software specific; others need help setting up 
>>hardware.  I'm going to tell him software help is low priority, but to 
>>come at 1pm and see if someone is available.  I'll also point him to 
>>Has there been a LUGOD IF policy along these lines in the past?  Is this 
>>a good idea?  Generally, I don't think installfests should be a place 
>>for people to come for software help; IFs are meant to help people 
>>install Linux on their specific hardware.
>>Do let me know if I'm way off base here.
> On Fri, Jan 16, 2004 at 10:28:03AM -0800, Trevor Lango wrote:
>>I know nothing of previous policy, but isn't the general objective
>>simply to help people use linux by eliminating some of the hassle
>>factors? We wouldn't want someone to bail out on open source simply
>>because they personally can't resolve some dependencies, right? Perhaps
>>it is not as high a priority for an IF but it also should be very easy
>>and very quick to fix for anyone with a decent knowledge of linux
> Jonathan,
> I agree with Trevor here.
> While encouraging people to to join vox-tech and ask questions there is
> great (they are likely to learn more if things work out)... some people
> or problems don't work out over email very well.
> In general an installfest is to help people get Linux into a state they
> can use it... covers software issues after an install.
> At LUGOD the meetings when I describe installfests I always try to
> mention that people with a pre-existing install that are having trouble
> with some program are also welcome to bring their computer and get it
> sorted out (especially non-technical people).
> Personally I think people who have tried to install Linux themselves and
> got stuck someplace using it are more likely to benefit from the
> additional help of fixing up some software program, because they've
> shown enough initiative to try it themselves and are willing to hall a
> somewhat working system in to be looked at.  Where as some of the people
> who show up without ever having used linux before end up not really using
> the Linux system that gets installed.

I appreciate your comments, even if they come 6 months later :) 
Actually, I've totally changed my mind about this long ago.  What caused 
me to express the above view back in January was that I was a little 
overwhelmed with my first IF and didn't have a clue what the guy was 
asking.  Since then, I decided anyone is welcome to come with any *nix 
related problem they want, as long as I can get someone willing to help 
them.  For really technical stuff that the usual installers can't 
handle, I ask on vox for volunteers.  That worked well for a case a 
couple months ago.

Thanks for your help today.  I, too, really wish we could get internet 
through a wall-jack.  Maybe Emily can hook us up?  Even if we needed to 
change the location, it would be totally worth it.


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