[vox-if] [Fwd: Installfest RSVP]

Mike Simons msimons at moria.simons-clan.com
Sat Jul 17 08:50:10 PDT 2004

On Fri, Jan 16, 2004 at 10:17:54AM -0800, Jonathan Stickel wrote:
> Here is another who already has Linux installed and wants configuration 
> help.  This seems to be software specific; others need help setting up 
> hardware.  I'm going to tell him software help is low priority, but to 
> come at 1pm and see if someone is available.  I'll also point him to 
> vox-tech.
> Has there been a LUGOD IF policy along these lines in the past?  Is this 
> a good idea?  Generally, I don't think installfests should be a place 
> for people to come for software help; IFs are meant to help people 
> install Linux on their specific hardware.
> Do let me know if I'm way off base here.

On Fri, Jan 16, 2004 at 10:28:03AM -0800, Trevor Lango wrote:
> I know nothing of previous policy, but isn't the general objective
> simply to help people use linux by eliminating some of the hassle
> factors? We wouldn't want someone to bail out on open source simply
> because they personally can't resolve some dependencies, right? Perhaps
> it is not as high a priority for an IF but it also should be very easy
> and very quick to fix for anyone with a decent knowledge of linux
> systems.

I agree with Trevor here.

While encouraging people to to join vox-tech and ask questions there is
great (they are likely to learn more if things work out)... some people
or problems don't work out over email very well.
In general an installfest is to help people get Linux into a state they
can use it... covers software issues after an install.
At LUGOD the meetings when I describe installfests I always try to
mention that people with a pre-existing install that are having trouble
with some program are also welcome to bring their computer and get it
sorted out (especially non-technical people).
Personally I think people who have tried to install Linux themselves and
got stuck someplace using it are more likely to benefit from the
additional help of fixing up some software program, because they've
shown enough initiative to try it themselves and are willing to hall a
somewhat working system in to be looked at.  Where as some of the people
who show up without ever having used linux before end up not really using
the Linux system that gets installed.


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