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Thu, 8 Jan 2004 00:54:34 +0100

I am working on an IF guide, but until I am done this is a quicky.

Gather the IF RSVP forms. Read them and find out how many of what distro 
people are interested in. Make a list and ask for helpers. This will aid in 
telling you if you need more help or not.

one week before the IF send out an email giving the basic information and 
asigning apointment times. FYI try not to have every one show up at 10AM I 
try to stagger them.

a few at 10
most at 11 
Only very simple fixes and the like after noon and noone after (IMHO 3PM)
Hello NAME;

You have been assigned to the 10:00 AM time slot. Please let me know if there 
are any problems.

We can provide a downloaded version of your distribution of  choice at the 
Installfest. We ask for a donation of $5.00 for Red Hat and Mandrake disks. 
This is not required for the install, but may be helpful. 

## if you do not want to do this then don't (it helped keep the IF from 
costing LUGOD to much money)

If you are interested in lunch we ask a donation of $5.00 for  Pizza and Soda 
this is to help offset the cost of lunch for  installers, but is not required 
unless you wish to have lunch with us.
## again the same thing if you don't feed the installers less of them will 
come. (at least that is what I have found)

your contact information.
Have realease forms ready and DO NOT TOUCH a computer or allow any installers 
to touch them until the release form is filled out.

If you can have a greater. They will have the forms filled out ask if they 
want to donate for pizza and if they want to buy disks. They will be 
expecting this and it will take a load off of you (if you can get a greater 
you will have enough going on trust me)

Assign installlers to computers and have them fill out forms(this would be 
nice, but it rarely gets done, but when it is it is really nice)

I buy and bring soda (cheap cola works fine) for the installers and those who 
bring money for pizza. Buy pizza from Pizza Guys or another less costly place 
installers are hungry and will not care if it is from lamp post or another 
place. The idea is to brake even or even make a little money for LUGOD (it 
has happened)

Have an Installfest disk with the latest kernel and tools for configuring 
linux. I have given Seth a disk with paragon (a partitioning tool). make 
disks for the basic distros
Red Hat
have at least one KNOPPIX disk.
and others ar requested.

Bring some basic tools for computer repair part get loose when transporting a 

Do not allow walk inns unless you have enough installers and let them know 
they are lowest priority. this can make a well planned day go really bad.

Keep an eye on what is going on. Installers are 95% able to get the job done, 
but at times bad things happen and it is best to catch it early.

Come at least a half hour early to set up and make sure you can get in. 
Nothing like having people arrive and no keys ;-)

On Monday 05 January 2004 04:01 am, Jonathan Stickel wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm back from vacation and ready to organize the Jan 17 installfest.
> So... where do I start!?
> Do I need to schedule the location (Kemper 1131)?  If so, who do I talk
> to for that?
> In a week I can assess the number of RSVPs and start polling for
> volunteers.  Right now there are 2, unless I've missed some.
> Jonathan
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