[vox-if] Big Valley Net Declines Linux Support

Shorter Rankin vox-if@lists.lugod.org
Sat, 03 Apr 04 01:11:23 +0800

Help. I've been on Big Valley Net for dialup which works
ok for Windows or OS/2 but has a 100% failure rate for
Linux. They have Linux instructions ... based on Red
Hat 5? 6? and I've followed them exactly... I dial in
hear the modems negotiating, see the connect
string and immediately get disconnected.
I followed all the steps in the ISP-connect-HOWTO,
chat secrets, pap secrets, etc.

Big Valley 'tech support' says sorry... we don't
tech support Linux. Considering that they post
Linux instructions on their web site - that sucks

Any ideas?


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