Linux Users' Group of Davis - "Geek Swap"

Geek Swap

What and When:

On Saturday, August 2nd, 2003, LUGOD will be holding its first-ever "Geek Swap" fundraiser swap meet!

The swap meet will begin at 10am and last until (TBD).

The "official" purpose of the swap meet is to raise money for LUGOD! (We're in the process of purchasing a video projector for our meetings, and will completely drain our bank account in the process.)

The real reason is to have a social gathering, clean out our closets, and see what kind of neat and bizarre hardware other people have been hording.

What'll Be There?

Some items that will be offered are: Computers and PDAs:

Computer Peripherals:

Computer books:

Non-Computer Items:

...and more!


It will be held outside Doug Barbieri's house, at the end of La Habra Court, in south Davis:


How to Attend - As a Buyer

Just show up and browse (and, hopefully, buy)! With regards to fundraising for LUGOD, at this point, we're leaving it up to the sellers. LUGOD is simply organizing; volunteers are offering space and supplies to run the show; sellers sell things, and then donate what they want to us.

How to Attend - As a Seller

Contact Bill Kendrick. Please give him the following information:

LUGOD: PO Box 1336, Davis, CA 95617

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