Linux Users' Group of Davis - "LUGOD/DCN Linux Classes"

LUGOD/DCN Linux Classes

About Classes

LUGOD occasionally teaches introductory Linux classes at the Davis Community Network's weekly public classes.

These classes are non-technical and very basic - they can be considered a springboard to get the very shy from a point of not knowing anything about Linux, to knowing enough to be comfortable at regular LUGOD meetings where basic topics are presented.

When Are Classes?

LUGOD does not present Linux topics on a regularly-scheduled basis, but when classes are scheduled, they will be listed below, posted on LUGOD's main web page (under "Events"), and announced on LUGOD's mailing lists, at meetings, and elsewhere on the web and in the community!

The next scheduled classes:

  • None currently scheduled

Where Are Classes?

Typically, classes are held at:

Sign up for a Class

To keep informed as to when the next class will be held, please contact Richard Lowenberg of DCN.

Help Teach!

If you'd like to help teach the basics of Linux (easier topics that would be less useful at actual LUGOD meetings), please contact Bill Kendrick of LUGOD.

Past Classes

LUGOD: PO Box 1336, Davis, CA 95617

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