[vox] Help - Installfest info, & legal, text examples?

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Sun May 10 23:00:59 PDT 2009

Hey Bob! How you doin? :)  I think we've met & talked more than once, at
one of the LUGOD meetings 2-5 years ago. :)

On Fri, 8 May 2009 21:37:28 -0700, "Bob Scofield" <scofield at omsoft.com>
> >
> > Do you know how that legal release form got created?  Did someone there
> > consult a lawyer? If yes, what lawyer? If no, how did it get created?
> >
> > Any other tips for howto go about understanding the issues, & getting a
> > proper legal release created? - btw, that form looks good to me, but
> > ianal, so i'm in no position to evaluate its appropriateness.
> I drafted LUGOD's original release.  I'm not sure the present one is
> exactly 
> the same as the one I drafted.  
> I looked at the most recent one a couple of years ago because it was my 
> feeling that the release should be changed.  I was thinking it should be 
> changed because in the old days people used to bring desktops to the 
> Installfest.  I used to help carry these into the Installfest room seeing
> as 
> how I don't have enough technical expertise to be of use in any other way 
> (okay well maybe I can do the pizza run) and was worried about dropping 
> machines.  So I wanted the release changed to cover the dropping of 
> equipment.
> However, the release was not changed.  In part that was because LUGOD
> stopped 
> using the release for its Installfests; at least for the last couple that 
> I've been to.  And I haven't seen anyone bring a desktop to an
> Installfest 
> for a long time.
> When I last saw the release it looked like it may have been changed.  I'm
> not 
> sure.  I am unable to find the original release on this computer.
> I am a lawyer, but not the release-drafting kind.  I'm presently a legal 
> research and writing lawyer for criminal defense attorneys.
> I have drafted other releases.  I drafted one for a Woodland High School
> over- 
> night party.  I will probably be drafting one for two backpacking trips
> I'm 
> planning for a group.
> I probably went to a form book to get a basic release.  (Not the kind you 
> might find in a stationary store, but the kind you find in a law
> library.)  I 
> know I also did some legal research for one or more of the releases I've 
> drafted.  Thus after reading a case or two I might change a form release. 
> (And I also learned that in California some of the releases are not 
> enforceable; for certain types of activities.  My son once signed one
> that I 
> knew could not be enforced.)  I also might change a release to make it
> more 
> clear.

Care to make any updates?  Or some suggestions for a BerkeleyTIP
(That link might change soon to something like

If you care to look at any other major LUGs (which might have release
info, or installfest info) some of the largest ones in the US that I
know of are:

> The best person to draft a release would be an attorney who practices
> personal 
> injury law.  Such a lawyer would know what is important to include in a 
> release from a legal point of view, though he or she might not make it as 
> clear as I would want one, seeing as how lay people are the ones who sign 
> them.
> Bob

Also, are there any law related free sw sites  (maybe ones you look at
For example, here's a medical site.

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