[vox-tech] Laptop crash - literally

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Wed Aug 3 09:45:54 PDT 2011

My poor old Dell Inspiron 1525 had a nasty fall yesterday.  It's mightily
banged up, but fortunately still functions -- mostly.  USB seems to be DOA.
The DVD drive popped out and is stuck in that position, due to physical
damage to the case.  (The USB on that side is bent, too!)  :^( :^( :^(

Since I cannot use my handy external USB drive to back things up, and
since that device is IDE, while the laptop's drive is SATA ("Serial ATA-150",
specifically), I was wondering if anyone had either of the following, that I
could borrow once I get a replacement laptop:

  * A SATA->IDE converter
  * An external (USB) SATA-based hard drive enclosure

Worst case, it looks like either of those could be had for about ~$20,
but since I'd only need it once (or rarely, at most), I figured I'd ask
and see if anyone out here had one I could borrow.

Thanks in advance!

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