[vox-tech] dual system

Susan Baur susan at cdl.edu
Thu Sep 18 09:54:35 PDT 2008

On Sep 18, 2008, at 5:19 AM, David Rosenstrauch wrote:

> Cam Ellison wrote:
>> Carl Boettiger wrote:
>>> certainly it's easier if xp is installed first, since the Ubuntu
>>> installer takes care of everything, even copying bookmarks.
>>> With Linux on first, you'll just need to partition and then reload
>>> grub using the live-cd.  It's described here:
>>> http://apcmag.com/how_to_dual_boot_linux_and_windows_xp_linux_installed_first.htm?page=1
>> Of course, you have the first partition available for XP, do you not?
>> Unless MS's approach has changed radically, it will not boot unless  
>> it's
>> in the initial partition.
>> Cheers
>> Cam
> There's a way to tell grub to fool windows into thinking it's on
> partition 0, IIRC.
> DR
How about installing Windows into a virtual environment on Linux with  
the free VMWare server or some other virtual environment?

Just a thought :-)


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