[vox-tech] Corrupted root files

Carl Boettiger cboettig at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 09:00:47 PST 2007


I've been having a series of problems with corrupted files owned by root.
(I'm running the Ubuntu Gutsy by the way, normal i386 install) The first I
noticed was an error whenever I ran apt-get update that turned out to be do
to some perl-base *.pm configuration files were corrupted into binary mess.
(thanks for your help earlier on this!)  Most recently my /etc/environment
file became corrupted, this time with random ascii text inserted and the
correct text missing.  In each of these cases obtaining good copies of the
corrupted files and overwriting the bad ones fixed the problem at hand.  Now
the last round of updates included a kernel upgrade from 2.6.20-16 to
2.6.22-14.  The new kernel failed to boot and I have to select the old
kernel from grub just to be able to boot at all.  Not sure if these problems
are related, but I'm worried.  I've had all this trouble with corrupted
files and now this in the past month or so, which i've never had before.
Any ideas what I should do?

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