[vox-outreach] SFD tomorrow!

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Fri Sep 15 15:19:48 PDT 2006

Jimbo wrote:
> It's crunch time!!!!!
> Me and Tim will have some breakfast at bakers square (close to the 
> farmers market) at 6ish to transition into the day.  Alex will you be 
> coming by?  6 is early for most people.  Afterwards we will set up at CP 
> near the mysterious tan structure.
> Hopefully I can get a strong enough signal to do a little wifi.
> I got some pclinux cd's burned.  This is the best live cd I have seen so 
> far.  Configures beautifully on my kids pcs as well as mine.  Guess I 
> will have about 10?
> Tim brought up a good point in which these cds will "stale", i.e., they 
> will go obsolete very fast due to advancing technology in software.  
> Whatever I have left over I hope that our members can take and use.  
> There are a lot of cds so don't be shy.
> Gotta go dig up stuff, make labels.
> Blue devils are playing tonite so GO BLUE DEVILS!!!!!
> Jimbo

Ya, 6am's a little early for me and I prefer a Farmer's Market 
breakfast. I should be at the Farmer's Market by 8am with my 
contributions and to help out.

The stale issue is exactly why I didn't burn too many CDs, maybe we can 
put a box with some disk, literature and a sign by the terminal at the 
coop at the end of the day.

We can work that out tomorrow,

PS: If anyone wants to get their elbows dirty with Plone, I'm having bug 
fix/user experience improvement(kind of like a sprint but not as 
technical) party at might house in the afternoon for the Campus Center 
for the Environment (cce.ucdavis.edu). Stop by or email me for details.

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