[vox-outreach] [demo][farmer market] OpenCD Copies

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Tue Sep 12 08:32:05 PDT 2006

On Sun, Sep 10, 2006 at 07:31:10PM -0700, Jim George wrote:
> I still need literature, table(s), chairs, and other cd's that are now 
> available.  I believe Ryan has table and chairs.  Bill correct me if I am 
> wrong.  Does he also have literature or does that need to be printed as well?
> I will email him directly and ask if I can set up a pick up time.

I don't know what kind of literature is already printed, but some is
available on the LUGOD.org website.  I'm not certain I'll have time to whip
anything new up for this Saturday (between work, taking care of Melissa while
she's on bedrest, and planning a baby shower for this Saturday (same day as

So here's what we have so far.  Feel free to put your own stuff together, too.
I'm sure SoftwareFreedomDay.org must have some lit. you can print, as well!



bill at newbreedsoftware.com

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