[vox-jobs] Fwd: Sr. Software Developer ; Santa Clara,CA ; YAHOO

Sujit K M sjt.kar at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 19:01:34 PDT 2011

> In what way was this spam, as opposed to a legitimate job posting, to a
> job-posting mailing list? It seems an entirely reasonable post for this
> list, to me; perhaps you can explain what your specific objections are?

I find this spam simply because there is no need to send someone an Monster
Recruiter send mail to be published in a job list. If it is an
original job wanted
in any of the other mailing lists, I would find it to non spam. There
are millions
of similar request send out every day to millions of users, but they
donot forward.

> The only thing I can find to complain about this posting, is I don't see
> anything in the message explicitly asking/permitted that it be forwarded
> to others, but I assume the original sender wouldn't have a problem with
> that.

Yes you should ask the recruiter whether one can forward the job to a
mailing list.

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