[vox-jobs] [JOB] PHP5 Developer - Telecommute - 60k/year

Beau Gould (OSS) beau at open-source-staffing.com
Thu Jul 30 10:14:39 PDT 2009

My client has a small business specializing in e-commmerce
software/solutions for small/medium sized businesses. They've spent last
3 years working on a ground up rewrite in OO PHP5, MySQL5, Ajax
(Jquery), Smarty, etc. They have had live customers for over a year now
but have not officially released the application yet. 

They are looking for someone to take over as the head developer
basically. They need to be good with both "under the hood" type of stuff
(lower level framework) as well as UI/AJAX, etc. They are looking for
someone that has a deep ecommerce background primarily. Someone that has
been involved in large scale products, not just projects. Someone that
has drive, can work without direct supervision, can bring good ideas and
vision, help manage others when need, etc. It would be a plus if they
are savvy in FreeBSD (compiling kernels, lighttpd, MySQL, benchmarking,
etc), but not a requirement. 

This is a 100% telecommute, full time job paying $60,000 per year. There
are no benefits at present, but that might change in the future. My
client is physically located in Boston, MA and if you lived nearby for
occasional meetings, it would be a plus, but not required. You can
reside anywhere in the USA. 

Candidates should have held full time positions for 2 or more years. No
"job-hoppers" please. Strong command of English a MUST since most
communication will be done via telephone, email, Skype, etc. 

Candidates should be well-versed in OO PHP 5, MySQL, UI and AJAX and
have a deep e-commerce background. 

When applying, please write up a paragraph or two highlighting your
experience as it pertains to this job description and include your
resume and salary requirements to beau-AT-open-source-staffing.com 

Thank you, 

Beau J. Gould 
Open Source Staffing 

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