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Senior Operations Engineer-Linux


VendareNetblue is looking for a Sr. Linux Administrator for our Mountain
View, CA office. You are the force for operational clue in a critical
product or platform in our company. You'll work with your colleagues in
technical operations and your counterparts in engineering and business
divisions to make sure that our major platforms are planned, designed,
deployed, and maintained in a sustainable and sane manner. Tired of
finding out about a major requirement or bottleneck after the CEO has
been promised delivery tomorrow? Or the day after the deployment is
"complete"? It's a breath of fresh air, to be sure, and it's a chance to
make things work the way they should from the get-go.


Team: The technical operations team is a tightly knit group of UNIX
experts with experience in small and large companies in various industry
sectors and lifecycle phases. We report to the VP of Operations who,
while he is a bit too religious about Macs in his free time, has a solid
grasp of technology and trusts his team to do what he hires them for.
We're looking for senior but not stodgy sysadmins who can complement
(and occasionally compliment) our skills and performance.




* You will be THE operations engineer for your assigned product. From
pre-development design reviews to optimizing server and network
requirements for scalability and sustainability, your product team will
count on you to use your expertise and experience to make their product
work the best it can. Your ops team colleagues will count on you to keep
your product team in line. 


* As a part of a growing operations team, you will also be involved in
infrastructure support. We're improving our monitoring and documentation
systems on a daily basis, and solving problems that creep up as well as
the ones that jump out from a dark alley. You'll need to be the sort of
system administrator who thrives on stability and communication, and
you'll be helping us to light those alleys.


* There will be pager duty--you knew there had to be a downside. You're
looking at a week of front line and a week of backup duty each month,
with a sparser schedule as we grow the team. But with an environment
built for redundancy and resilience, you'll be amazed at how few 3am
trips to the colo are required. 




* Expertise with UNIX.  UNIX is user-friendly, but it is selective about
its friends. Are you UNIX's friend? You'll need to have worked in a
production UNIX environment for several years, preferably with current
Linux production experience. There will be a quiz. Your buzzwords will
not save you.


* Experience in small but substantial online companies. The world is
very different in a company of fewer than 500 people, and you'll need to
be ready to jump into an intense environment with a small but
enthusiastic team. 


*	Focus on teamwork. We've all worked with sysadmins who consider
secrecy their job security. We consider flexibility, creativity, and
productivity to be our job security, so you'll need to be on the same
page to succeed here.


For immediate consideration, please submit a cover letter and your
resume to mhudson at netblue.com. Please put "Sr. Operations Engineer" in
the subject field.


Mary Hudson

Corporate Recruiter


303 Bryant Street, 3rd Floor

Mountain View, CA 94041

TEL: 650.810.1215

FAX: 650.810.1300

<mailto:mhudson at netblue.com> mhudson at netblue.com

www.netblue.com <http://www.netblue.com/> 


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