[vox-jobs] Open Source Opportunities at Air Resources Board

Chris Jenks jenkster at resonance.org
Tue Sep 19 17:23:18 PDT 2006

   Dear Linux Group Members,

   I would like to report the existence of a small IT group that is using 
Linux in State government, and where Linux enthusiasts may find, after 
some patience, a secure career using open source software, without having 
to relocate to San Francisco!
   I've worked in State government for several years, and about a year ago, 
in hopes of scoring a Linux-related job, I set up a script 
(http://www.puzzlepiece.org/jobs.pl) to download all the State job 
postings so I could grep them for "linux". That's how I discovered the 
Office of Information Services at the Air Resources Board (ARB), which 
uses Red Hat servers with MySQL, Fedora on our desktops, and seeks to 
promote Linux to other departments in the State. I've been here since June 
and I love it. I got paid to go to Linux World! :-))) I thought there 
would be cut-throat competition to get in here, since it seems to be the 
only place that seriously uses Linux in State government, but there is 
room for more enthusiasts. In addition to the usual turnover, there is 
expected to be some hiring in our group associated with global warming 
related projects.
   The reason I mentioned patience is that it is necessary to either work 
for the State already, or to have passed the relevant examination, to 
apply for a State job. So, if you're interested in this opportunity, the 
first step is to fill out a State application (see 
http://www.spb.ca.gov/employment/) and apply to take exams for job
classifications used for IT at ARB. The classifications to aim for 
(depending on your qualifications) are assistant, associate or staff 
programmer analyst, assistant, associate or staff information system 
analyst or air pollution specialist. Exams bulletins are posted 
periodically on the above web site, and the Associate Programmer Analyst 
and Air Pollution Specialist exams are available to apply for now. Once 
you pass an exam with a sufficent score, you can apply to interview for 
jobs posted by ARB.
   If you would like to know more about the situation here, you are welcome 
to e-mail me or contact me at 916-327-0897. My supervisor Harry Ng has 
also volunteered to discuss the work we do, positions available, etc., 
with you. His e-mail is hng at arb.ca.gov and phone is 916-322-6201.



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