[vox-jobs] Job posting - southern CA

Richard Colman colman at codagenomics.com
Thu Oct 6 15:55:23 PDT 2005

CODA Genomics is expanding and now would like to hire an absolutely
top-notch systems analyst/administrator/programmer. 

This will be a very senior hire, and we are seeking someone very smart, very
competent with outstanding recommendations.

Please respond by email to jobs at codagenomics.com. No telephone calls please.
Send us your resume, and optional cover letter describing your interests and
qualifications in more detail. 

NOTE: specific, hands-on cluster experience is required to be considered for
this postion.


Design, development and administration of systems and software for
real-time, distributed parallel processing on Linux clusters for both
genomics research and commercial production of synthetic genes.  

Design and code system software to support gene design in a high-throughput
processing environment. Solve parallel processing reliability and stability
problems while enhancing production efficiency. Manage integration of
modules by outside scientists and developers. Maintain multiple computing
environments for research and production. Manage expansion and modifications
to linux clusters to meet changing research and production needs. 

Administer clusters, servers, and workstations as needed by creating
accounts, assigning privileges, creating logon scripts, ftp servers, etc.
Develops automated system maintenance and installation methods. 

Provide hands-on support to users in installing, upgrading, and
troubleshooting cluster nodes, workstations and servers. Monitors
performance and responds to trouble reports, checks system operation, and
corrects as needed, minimizing disruptions. 

Required Skills & Qualifications:

* Knowledge and experience with the installation and maintenance of linux
clusters, preferably DELL clusters.

* Experience with and general working knowledge of the UNIX/Linux operating
system; Knowledge and experience with Red Hat and Debian Linux. 

* Knowledge of scripting languages, text filters, and other UNIX programming
tools and techniques.

* Skill to design, develop and debug complex, parallel processing shell and
perl scripts

* Skill in analyzing system behavior to determine the cause of any
malfunctions; skill in fixing those  problems while minimizing disruption of
the system for its users. 

* Knowledge of UNIX networking including Ethernet and other hardware
interfaces, TCP/IP and related communications protocols, and software such
as NFS, NIS, DNS, etc. 

* Knowledge of the Unix programming environment, including system libraries,
tools, and utilities. 

Desired Skills & Qualifications:

* Java and C++ programming  knowledge and skills

* Experience with non-UNIX operating systems like Windows and Mac OS. 

* Ability to integrated mixed networks including UNIX, Windows and Mac

* Interest in bioinformatics software and systems

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