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We need someone good with HTML and at least decent with php. We need
someone to work on a per job basis. If you're a great web designer, that's
a plus as we're going to need some nice crisp web-sites done in the style
of our others. The php is rather straightforward. Queries and inserts with
a mySQL database. Javascript for form validation. But don't let that scare
you as most of this is just cookie cutter work from a site that is already

Again #1 is html
#2 is web design
#3 familirity with php (don't really even have to write it)
#4 ability to deal with javascript a bit

Send us your pricing (hourly or other).
Tell us your availablity for new projects. Sooner the better.

Also it's better if you email me at whansen at corporate-image.com

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talk at nblug.org

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