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The following job listing has been submitted

Company: PegaStaff

Contact: Tim ONeil <jobs at pegastaff.com>

Contact Phone: 415-392-4877

Job Summary: 1226 Quality Engineering Analyst

Job Detail: Job Description:
Scope of Work/Deliverables: 
Verifies, validates and corrects transactional data related to Energy Markets, Scheduling, Grid Operations, Metering and Settlements to ensure the quality of "Bid-to-Book" market data. 
Analyzes, researches, recommends and implements data corrections prior to the Settlements process, and works to ensure timely and accurate transactional data transfer to Settlements. 
Develops and implements Market Quality standards, processes and controls for new and existing business practices to ensure accuracy and quality of settlement data. 
Develops tools to promote efficiency in dispute processing and data validation. 
Identifies root causes of data anomalies including meter, market, operations, and scheduling settlement data, and develops and recommends solutions to prevent future similar errors through new business processes or software solutions. 
Performs related duties and activities as appropriate. 

Computer Skills: 
SQL or database query skills, familiarity with Oracle database applications 
Strong knowledge of database design and structure. 
Microsoft Office incl. Word, Excel, Access 

Utility Industry experience. 
Project Management skills. 

Additional Information: 
B.S. in Accounting, Computer Science, Math, Engineering or related experience 


Hours: 40 hours a week

Salary Minimum: $37

Salary Maximum: $47

Wage Interval: 

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