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Subject: 	SAGE Job: BEA Systems/Reno , NV
Date: 	Sat, 16 Apr 2005 10:14:06 -0700 (PDT)
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Title: Systems Administrator - Product Engineering Lab
Job Status: Permanent staff
Location: Reno , NV
Company: BEA Systems
SAGE Level: III (Intermediate/Advanced)

Description: Systems Administrator -Engineering Lab     Duties:    -
        Installation, deployment and administration of servers in
        Reno, NV Datacenter.  - Administration/configuration of
        services such as DHCP, console, monitoring and deployment
        systems.  - Technical interaction with remote functional
        groups that rely on services in the Datacenter.  - Participate
        in infrastructure growth and improvements.    Skills and
        Competencies:    - Strong interpersonal and written
        communication skills.  - 3+ years of administering physically
        remote systems.  - 3+ years of Linux administration.  - 5+
        years of Windows administration in an Active Directory
        environment.  - General UNIX (Solaris, specifically)
        experience a plus.  - 3+ years experience with server class
        hardware in Co-location, Corporate and Test environments.  -
        3+ Lab environment (RAID systems, Rack mount server systems,
        etc.)  - Experience scripting in Bourne, Korn and Bourne-again
        shells, and with PERL.  - Competencies with infrastructure
        services such as DHCP, Active Directory, NIS, Jumpstart,
        Kickstart and Windows imaging and deployment products.  -
        Strong familiarity with mixed infrastructure environments
        (multiple company authentication systems, multiple mail
        systems, etc.)    NOTE: Candidates must be able to physically
        lift and handle 40-60 pound servers regularly.

Salary Range: depends on experience

Company URL: http://bea.com
Job Email: carols at bea.com

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